10 Reasons To Choose Pro Patios Brisbane For Patio Building Project

The Right Choice For Building Patios, Carports, Decks and Pergolas

The decision to add a patio to your home is a great idea. If you’ve ever been invited to a friend’s home for a BBQ on their patio, it likely made you realize the benefits of having your own outdoor living space. Having your own customized outdoor area designed to fit your needs has many benefits, not to mention the great time you can have entertaining your guests. That’s why it’s imperative to choose one of the leading companies to assist you in design and construction of your patio. Pro Patios Brisbane is a locally owned family business and has a long history in South East Queensland. We are a patio builder that specializes in home renovations and extensions. Our qualified and experienced builders provide competitive prices and quality construction of patios. Our builders have a true passion for building and believe in “doing it right the first time.” All of our builders focus on quality and have an eye for detail. We have the experience to design and construct your custom patio and professionally handle everything from start to finish; including help with design, preparation, building, final inspection and even full clean up.

Benefits of Building a New Patio

There are many benefits with the addition of a patio to your home which may include:

  • Showcase Your Personality

Having your home represent your personality. Designing an outdoor living space that is personalized to your specific needs shows off your personality just as interior décor does. It also makes it feel even more like home to you when you are outdoors. Consider your needs and intended use of your patio as this will help in designing a patio individualized for you and your family.

  • Save On Maintenance

As a patio will consume an area of your lawn, this will decrease the amount of lawn maintenance and garden that is needed. By decreasing the amount of maintenance it may give you added time to enjoy your new outdoor living area. A patio can also easily be maintained all year long. It is easy to keep neat and doesn’t require the need to be heated or cooled.

  • Add Value To Your Property

Adding a quality constructed patio to your home also increases the value of your property. If selling is in your future, you can negotiate a more appealing selling price as most buyers love the feel of having their own outdoor living area. It also makes your home more appealing, and it has been shown that prospective buyers have stated they would be willing to pay more for a home that offered a patio.

  • Entertaining Family & Friends

The patio itself can be utilized for many purposes. During the week it can be where you relax after work to take in the outdoors or as a place where your family gathers together for dinner. On the weekend it can be used for entertaining; a BBQ and gathering of family, friends and neighbors. Regardless of its use, your patio will likely represent many wonderful memories.


Ten Reasons to Choose Our Patio Builders:

1. Qualified and Licensed Builders

Our team comprises of licensed tradesman and builders. We only hire the b est to ensure your project meets our high level of workmanship.

2. We Have Passion for Building Patios

We love building patios! Our passion is for building long lasting and beautiful patio designs that you will cherish for years to come. We get our satisfaction from seeing our customers amazed at our capabilities.

3. Quality Workmanship

We pay extra care to every nail and screw we use and we only choose the best products available on the market.

4. Attention to Detail

Careful attention to detail is what we aim achieve on every project. This ensures that your patio will last for years to follow. You have the peace of mind knowing that we pay attention to the little things.

5. Outstanding Customer Service

Our staff are personable and friendly and we aim to impress you with our customer service team.

6. Free Council Fees

Our free council fees is available to all new custom patio designs. Please contact us to discuss this with our team. If you are interested in learning about the process you can visit the Brisbane City Council building website to find out about the council guidelines.

7. Free Patio Design Included

We have some of the best designers in the industry! If you are looking to custom build a patio then consider sitting down with one of our design team to see what amazing things they can create. Nothing is impossible.

8. Easy Finance Options

We also offer finance packages for larger projects. Our finance team can discuss the options for convenient payment plans with you.

9. Free Quotes

Of course all our prices and quotes are offered at no cost. There is also no obligation to proceed with any quote you receive.

10. Competitive Pricing

If you are looking for great pricing and a cost effective way to build or renovate then you will be impressed by our prices. We are very competitive in comparison to a builder of equal quality.


It is important that with the construction of your new patio you express the reason behind it; what you will be using it for etc. Whether it is for relaxing, having family dinners outdoors, or for entertainment purposes; you need a company that will listen to your intentions and work alongside you to build your perfect outdoor living area.

You may be experienced with design or have no idea how you want it to be built, regardless, as a homeowner you can be largely involved in the design of your patio. Our friendly experienced builders will listen to you or steer you in the right direction if needed, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also offer extended warranties on all of our patios as we use only the best materials that are available to us from our leading manufacturers. Now that you are aware of all of the benefits a new patio has to offer to you and your home, we wish you the best of luck in completion of your outdoor living area.

We offer free quotes with no obligation and easy finance options. Let the team at Pro Patios Brisbane help make your dream a reality.