How Much Does a Patio Cost?


Many Australian homeowners place patios at the top of their list of home renovation projects, or if there is no patio attached to their home, it’s certainly on their “to do list.” Are you planning to add a patio to your home? What’s holding you back? In most instances, it’s cost. Nevertheless, your budget does not have to be a disadvantage. There are ways you can get started building immediately, and have that patio you’ve been dreaming about much sooner than you think.

Dissimilar to a home extension, a patio does not require an all-or-nothing approach. For example, if your budget is limited, you can start with the patio deck and later on add the patio roof. If your ideal patio consists of bifold-doors that make your patio feel more like part of your home, you can add the door later if necessary. On the other hand, you may be able to afford your ideal patio but simply unaware of it.


Patio is a Spanish word meaning “backyard” or “back garden.” The design of patios usually incorporates an exterior living area frequently connected to a residence, though they can be detached as well. They are typically used and for relaxation, entertaining, and dining. A patio may or may not have a cover or roof, and is habitually a paved section between the home and garden. Patios can be constructed from flagstone, pavers, gravel, stone, brick, concrete, or various other materials.


There are a number of types of patios on the Australian market. However, getting actual value for your money depends upon building the right patio for your home that is properly engineered and constructed with superior-quality materials.

Here are a few things that can influence the price of your new patio:

1. Size

Size will be the key factor that influences the price of your new patio. A larger, wider patio will cost more because it require more materials like flooring, roofing, furniture, labor, etc.

However, keep in mind, size is a matter of preference. There’s no standard size and if you want a larger patio, go for it! If you prefer a smaller more quaint patio, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Patios can shield your home from the elements as well. A properly positioned patio can leave you with extra savings on your energy bills with the benefit of an extended living space.

2. Roofing Material and Style

The height and shape of your roof will be a price consideration as well, and there are multiple variations to choose from a more stylish gable-roof, to a simple flat-roof, to a dome styled roof. In selecting a roof style, be sure to check that it complements the general appeal of your home.

For example, if you prefer a covered patio, there are a number of options:

. Standard corrugated-roofing costs can go as low as $12 per linear-metre or as high as $50 per square metre for the roofing alone. An increasingly popular patio roof style is shade sales, which is a stylish alternative to conventional patio roofs.

. Another way to get your ideal patio at affordable costs is to work with a patio builder. By utilizing up-to-date materials, patio builders supply and install customizable kit patios in a variety of styles and materials.

3. Patio Paving Options:

  • Concrete

Concrete is a comparatively inexpensive and durable patio paving choice. It can be concrete paving, pebbled, textured or colored. You will find a number of attractive looks including a natural stone or brick appearance and even a number of sophisticated multi-colored pattern designs.

  • Clay

Clay pavers are constant favorites. Clay also offers a choice of color, style, and patterns.

  • Timber

Timber decking is not limited to elevated-decks; even ground floor patios look great in timber.

  • Natural Stone

Natural stone has two benefits; it has both a modernistic and traditional appeal. Nothing beats natural stone when it comes to enhancing a patio’s landscape.

A simple patio-deck structured from budget materials has a relatively cheap price for around $180 per square metre. For more expensive materials, paving supply and install can go as high as $900 per square metre; however, there are quite a few choices in between the two extremes.


It is important to get at least three prices before you choose the company you want to build your patio. Each patio builder will discuss your needs, measure your patio area, and provide a complimentary free quote. After you’ve gone through a number of patio choices, you will be provided with a quote based on the options you select. Once you approve the quote, the production team will then draw-up and submit plans to your area council in Brisbane for the building approval.


If you are concerned about costs, most patio companies will gladly help you finance your project. You can find certain online patio designers that offer one-year interest free loans up to $10,000 with any patio purchase with pre-approval, in addition to a low one-time $70 establishment fee. Other conveniences include around-the-clock access to your account and a complimentary once Visa debit card.