New Patio Designs

Choices For Designing New Patios


When considering a patio design as an addition to your current living space, it is important to know the basics about the various types available. Patios make great and convenient additional living space for entertaining and for other purposes such as storage. Also in commercial use such as restaurants, schools, or offices, they are a practical and innovative way to add space in the outdoors. In this article, we shall look at the various types of patios for different uses just to give you an overview of whats available in the market. In addition, we shall look at some of the benefits that come with hiring a professional patio builder to do the work for you.

Hiring a Professional Patio Builder

One of the reasons why it is better to hire a professional patio builder is that it takes out the hard work for you. Building a patio can be a do-it-yourself endeavour, however, it comes with quite a bit of work. The measuring, lifting, calculations, cutting and so on can become overwhelming especially when the patio design is detailed. For that reason, it can be extremely advantageous and time saving to hire a professional patio builder who will do all the handy work for you. Most professional builders will first consult you for the deign and details of the patio before carrying on to the building process. Following this, they will use their expertise and experience to build the patio with precision and efficiency, taking the stress from you.


Outdoor Patios


Outdoor patios are designed to fit in an outdoor space. These patios are built for various purposes, depending on what the homeowner wants from the patio. It generally is for adding more space outdoors where it can serve as a gathering space or just a secluded living area. These patios are great for not only adding more space, but also for adding more value to the home. However, when considering that the cost comes around $7 per sq ft., the budget may be somewhat of a disadvantage.

Insulated patio


This patio design comes with an added technological advantage of insulating the interior by insulating the roof. Considering the hot Brisbane sun, this type can be extremely advantageous in making the patio a usable space regardless of the intensity of the sun. It also does well in hiding ducting and wiring of lights in the patio. However, the main disadvantage is the maintenance of the patio. The cost generally begins at $180 per m sq.

Conventional Flyover Patio


This is one of the most popular patio designs. It is built from sturdy and tough material that are designed to last. One advantage of this design of patio is the strength it had in dealing with extreme weather, making it a preferred choice for occasional extreme Brisbane weather. On the other hand, this type of patio does not provide as much insulation to keep the space cool. The cost generally begin from $50 per square meter but also varies depending on the size of the patio.

Flat roof patio


Unlike the gabled roof, the flat too is the most versatile design. It has a flat roof which has an advantage of fitting with any home architecture design. In terms of pricing, it is around the same range as he conventional patio design.

Gable Roof

This patio design is good for the looks and for proving insulation by the increased head height. It gives the home a contemporary look and design. An advantage of this patio design is the increased head height which amplifies cooling effects. However, it does not go with every architecture design. The cost generally the same or around the same as the cost of a conventional patio.

Other Patio Designs


There are also a range of other patio design options including

  • Eave Cutback Patio
  • Curved Roof Patios
  • Free Standing Insulated
  • Flyout Insulated


Carport designs


Carports are created to protect the car or any other motor vehicle from the environment in general. Car ports are designed to keep debris such as that from trees and birds as away from the car. Additionally, the designs are created for the purpose of keeping the sun’s harmful rays from harming the vehicle. For consideration of which car port design to choose, keep in mind the overall architecture and design of the home. Generally, the car port should match the design so it can be a seamless addition to the pre-existing home.


So in terms of options of patio designs, you have quite a few variations to choose from. Ranging and differing in terms of design details and cooling capabilities as well as cost and the functionality you are looking for.

If you have any questions o would like to discuss your new patio design please contact our team.